a letter to my Dad


Once upon a time, a little girl jumped up and down when her daddy came home from work, and was delighted when he surprised her little brother and her with stuffed animals he had hiding for them behind his back. She still has the stuffy in a special box.

Once upon a time, a little girl had the flu on Christmas. That was no fun at all, but what made it a memorable day was that her father held her in his lap on a lawn chair out in the snow to get some sunshine and cool her off. It also made her smile.

Once upon a time, a little girl went on a brave adventure. She was on her first hunting trip, walking in her father’s footsteps as he carefully listened and watched for deer. The little girl was nervous, but excited to see her daddy at work.


Once upon a time, a little girl’s daddy snuck her to work with him, on a week-long trip in his big rig to South Carolina. She saw new places, ate fun food, but cherishes most of all the memories they made together of conversation, sharing music, road stories, and meeting new people.

Once upon a time, a young woman who missed her daddy, had her dream come true when he walked her down the aisle.

That little girl grew up. No longer is she the young woman she was on her wedding day, but a married mother of four young ones herself.

Dad, we both know not all of my childhood memories are sweet. A few were heartbreaking, others just sad. I can’t pretend those times didn’t happen, but as I look back over my childhood, I recount the special events you attended just for me, your enthusiasm for helping others in need, your love for God, and for doing the right thing. You treated Mama right, trained us up well, made me feel special, and exemplified what I should look for in a husband. There are so many things I love about you as a person, and so many memories of my childhood that I hold dear.


But the sweetest thing of all is this…

Watching you play with my children, toss my babies in the air, get down on the floor to tickle them, help them with their projects, play tag, take them fishing, drive them around the yard on your tractor, and even feed them from your own plate. And I SO enjoy watching you smile and laugh right along with them!


You are one of the most compassionate, hardworking, and generous men I know, and I can’t begin to express, not only how grateful I am that God chose to make me your daughter, but that you are Grandpa to my children.

I love you!

Happy Father’s Day

~ your loving daughter

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  1. Auntie E says:

    Beautiful!!! Gotta find the tissues ♥♥

  2. Rebecca N says:

    This is a great tribute to your Dad!

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