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Big news on the AFN homestead front! We broke ground for our new home, and after one little adjustment to the plans Papa has drawn up, the town will approve a permit for us and we can officially begin construction! It will likely be a couple years before our cash-built, off-grid house is complete, but living in this camper has definitely enabled us to save money, even with our one low income.

With that said, over the past year and a half our living here, Papa and I have spoken highly of our decision to choose a camper for our temporary home, but we also realize that a camper is not the only good option for alternative housing.

Prior to our decision to move into a camper, Papa did what seemed like an endless amount of research on alternative housing options. There are so many ideas out there for building a homestead, traveling the country, living off-grid, or trying other lifestyles, that don’t work well with standard housing arrangements.

We chose a camper for a few different reasons, but in case you are interested in alternative housing, you should consider the many options out there. Here are a few ideas and resources to get the wheels turning.

Have some more ideas to share? Please include a link to your favorite resource in a comment!

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  1. Jamie colombo says:

    Wonderful! Good luck!

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