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Whether you work from home or away, we all know being a mother is busy, hard work. Especially if your children are still young, you probably don’t feel like doing more than falling into bed or plopping down in front of the TV when the kids are finally in bed for the night. You are all used up.

There is one thing I have discovered though, which may not take away the fatigue, but can at least keep your inspiration for life moving – creating.

The act of creating, of making useful and/or beautiful things lifts the spirit, encourages us to dream, and I believe it helps us to stay healthy.

But how can a busy mom create when there is so little time in the day? My friend Renee recently published her first e-book to help moms answer this question, Nurturing Creativity ~ A Guide for Busy Moms. I’m not making anything off of this recommendation, but I do believe creativity is an essential part of a healthy family, and moms are an integral piece. If you have been feeling the need to do something just for you, or suppressing the desire to create, you need to read Renee’s book! (The photos displayed here are of a project I did, inspired by this post by Renee)

In her book you will find encouragement, ideas, methods, and stories. She also includes the experiences of other moms who have learned to include personal creativity in their daily lives. And you can get your own copy for just $3.

Creativity takes many different forms for me. I wouldn’t have called all my interests “creations” prior to reading Renee’s book, but I’ve come to realize that it isn’t just arts and crafts, or even writing that I have found to be creative outlets in my life. The simplest things, like rearranging centerpieces for the table, decluttering a shelf and using pretty baskets to organize, or creating a colorful dinner, are all forms of creativity. Seeing this has also helped me to appreciate the beauty in the little things, little things that can help me get through a long day and make every day more pleasant.

So go buy her book and get busy creating!

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