Small is beautiful. And that goes for houses too.

tiny house and gardenIt really is remarkable how we adapt to change. For many, the dream of owning their own property is just that – a dream. But a small minority of people are turning to what are called ‘Tiny Houses’ as a solution to their accommodation nightmares.

Tiny Houses are custom built, fully insulated, luxury cabins, designed to last a lifetime

Recently, in the US, a family gave up their three-bedroom house to move into a 440-square-foot cabin! To give you some idea of just how small that is by comparison, the average size of a single US family home in 2013 was 2,662 square feet.

Living in that small space were three children, their parents, three cats and a hamster. This involved using bunk beds, fold-out tables and a sleeping loft to grab every inch of available space.

For those choosing to downsize to this extent, the rewards can be great. The low cost of these dwellings can mean that occupants are free of mortgage payments. Students have the potential to save tens of thousands of pounds over the duration of a degree course by avoiding the private sector’s often crippling rents.

Though the real estate market for such properties accounts for less than one percent of the overall figure, the movement received a boost after Hurricane Katrina spurred the building of disaster relief dwellings. Then again after the economic meltdown of 2007-2008.

The idea has already spread around the world – to Japan, Spain, Britain, Germany and Russia.

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Photos : Nicolás Boullosa

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